Last update: 28. November 2023 11:04:25 (Europe/Berlin)

2022/12/13 New, completely rewritten!

βœ…Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC): Undetected
βœ…Windows 10/11 (ALL builds)
βœ…Intel processors
βœ…AMD processors

This new glow only has never been detected.

β–Έ 75% Recoil removed
β–Έ Glow with visibility check
β–Έβ–Έβ–Έ Friend color
β–Έβ–Έβ–Έ Enemy knocked color
β–Έβ–Έβ–Έ Enemy color + visible
β–Έβ–Έβ–Έ Enemy color + in-visible
β–Έ NO Menu (just adds unnecessary detection vectors)

Video is taken from a friends YouTube since my YouTube accounts keep being reported and blocked

A few examples of user feedback (I often forget to screenshot the feedback and put it here..)