❓ Fair Reality

PRIVATE Escape from Tarkov

It comes with the typical external Hack functions for EFT, just (in my opinion) made with perfection in mind.

  • The Aimbot is snappy and accurate. Unlike others..
  • The Wallhack is highly configurable, you can pretty much see anything you want (pmc, scavs, bots, items, exits, ..)
  • Itemviewer allows you to find items easier (shows them on ESP) and has great filter functions
  • OBS Bypass this means, you can stream while using it (or record a video) and it won't be shown
  • No Recoil All guns have no pull down
  • No Spread Bullet patterns are fixed to the point you are aiming at and don't spread out.
  • Hotkeys you can set your aimkey and other hotkeys to whatever you like.

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