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Working on most games!

Status for Escape From Tarkov is unclear.
Their latest updates are to block these kind of tools..

This allows you to hide behind cover and shoot / kill enemies without them being able to see you or shoot back.
A beep sound and visual loading bar signals you the start and end of the lagswitch.
Particially, dynamically changes per user / computer it is used on.

UNDETECTED since release!

I recommend to always "LAG WHOLE NETWORK" and not a specific process.
"IN" and "OUT" stands for the direction where the network traffic is supposed to be blocked.
For example on EFT, if you block "out" - to others in the match you will freeze in the spot you are when you hit the lag-switch, on your screen however you can move.

When you freeze "IN", you can move and others also see you moving, but for you others are "frozen" in the position/animation they were in, when you froze.

However some games try to compensate and/or block you when you lag too long